Master 2020 2021
Stage NII

Des stages avec des équipes japonaises (du NII) devraient être possibles cette année. Deux modalités sont envisagées
- stages complètement à distance
- stages au NII de Tokyo si les restrictions locales sont levées.

Informations détaillées ci-dessous : Dear Colleague,

It has been 6 months since the NII International Internship Program was suspended in March 2020, due to the ongoing COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. In order to continue to promote collaboration between our respective institutions, we are pleased to announce two new initiatives : an on-line internship program, as well as a more flexible procedure for internships at NII in Tokyo in preparation for the eventual lift of pandemic-related travel restrictions, once NII is prepared again to receive on-site internships.

The 2020 On-line version of the NII International Internship Program offers to Master’s and PhD students of partner institutions the possibility to engage in an on-line internship remotely supervised by an NII researcher. Applications can be sent to NII at any time from November 2nd, 2020 to March 15, 2021, 17:00 JST. Selections will be processed as applications are received by NII. For more information about the program, please see the detailed application guidelines on the following page : Guidelines for the NII International Internship Program
- 2020 On-line.


We are also advertising a streamlined procedure by which students can apply for internships in Tokyo, once pandemic-related travel restrictions have been lifted, and NII is once again prepared to receive on-site internships. In the Guidelines for the NII International Internship Program - 2020 On-site,


we advise students to begin their preparation for application in advance, so as to minimize to the greatest extent possible any procedural delays in their arrival at Tokyo. Applications for these on-site internships will be processed by NII as they are received, at any time from the opening of submissions until February 1st, 2021, 17:00 JST. We will contact you again regarding the opening of submissions once the stays at NII are possible again.

In previous years, from each MoU partner institution, NII has accepted nominations of at most 2 or 3 students meeting the institution’s best standards of academic performance and research potential. For 2020, we can accommodate a total of up to 4 student nominations. Each nomination can be for either type of internship (on-line or at Tokyo), or even for both (in this last case, students still have to apply for each type separately).

We would be very grateful if you could forward this information to interested graduate students and their supervisors, as well as to those who are in charge of graduate student affairs in your departments and/or laboratories. With these two programs, we hope to continue to grow our cooperation, and to offer an opportunity to your graduate students for unique research experiences at NII.

We would like to take this opportunity ask you to kindly confirm who is the contact person at your institution in charge of the NII International Internship Program.


Prof. Emmanuel Planas,

Acting Director,

Global Liaison Office,

National Institute of Informatics.