Master 2012 2013
offre de thèse (high performance computing)

*** Title :

Dynamic Resource Allocation in Embedded and High-Performance Computing Systems

*** Description :

This Ph.D. position is proposed in the frame of the DreamCloud FP7 European project, which deals with Dynamic Resource Allocation in Embedded and High- Performance Computing Systems. In the current technological landscape, many- core execution platforms appear to be quite attractive solutions to the implementation of systems in the embedded and high-performance computing domains. They offer the necessary parallelism level to meet the stringent design requirements in these domains : temporal performance, energy and power efficiency. Nevertheless, the design and management of large scale many-core system is very challenging, especially regarding resource management while satisfying the aforementioned requirements.

In embedded systems, operating systems (OS) usually play the role of platform resource manager for an efficient application execution. For large-scale infrastructures, virtualization techniques, typically including a middleware, are preferred to transparently manage the underlying execution resources in a flexible way. Dynamic resource allocation techniques rely on algorithms and heuristics providing different levels of performance guarantees, which fit different levels of dynamism on application workload. Coupling such techniques with some light embeddable software models capable of performance prediction can be very interesting in the perspective of steering the resource allocation policy in efficient and smart many-core systems.

In this Ph.D. thesis, we are interested in investigating several aspects in relation with the dynamic resource allocation in many-core systems for applications in both embedded and high performance computing domains. The Ph.D. candidate will work in the ADAptive Computing group (ADAC) hosted at the Microelectronics department in the Montpellier Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics, and Microelectronics (LIRMM). The appointed Ph.D. candidate is expected to start around October 2013, for three years.

*** Expected skills :

• You have a Master of Science degree in computer science / computer engineering • You have strong and solid background in operating systems, compilation, hardware design • You have good English skills • You have the ability to work collaboratively as part of a team • You have a strong interest in travelling and having meeting with different research teams

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*** Contacts :

Applications (including a CV, motivation letter and appreciation letters if available) are to be sent to the following persons :

• Abdoulaye GAMATIE ( — Tel. +33 4 67 41 85 18 • Luciano OST ( — Tel. + 33 4 67 41 86 90 • Gilles SASSATELLI ( — Tel. +33 4 67 41 86 90

The LIRMM laboratory is a cross-faculty research entity of the University of Montpellier 2 (UM2) and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). Located in Montpellier (France), LIRMM is one of the largest multi-disciplinary research laboratory in Europe. Its Microelectronics department carries out cutting-edge research in the fields of design and testing integrated systems and micro-systems, with a focus on architectural aspects, modeling and methodology.