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Prométhée Spathis
Coordinateur Education ICT Labs

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Learning Outcomes

Computing-related abilities

  • Deploy the mathematics, scientific and data communication theory relevant to the efficient, secure transmission and storage of data in the analysis and solution of computer networks problems, and in the design of networks and in the simulation of systems designed.

  • Specify, plan, adapt, construct and test a range of computer networks taking into account existing and emerging network, wireless and Internet standards, models, protocols, functional and operational characteristics of Internet and network infrastructure, criteria of network and network component quality.

  • Critically evaluate system feasibility, sustainability and compliance with current and future needs by taking into account the main relevant economic, ethical, social, legal and environmental facts, principles and issues.

  • Apply a range of modelling techniques, semi-formal and formal notations as appropriate to clarify, evaluate and communicate computer network or distributed system design concepts effectively.

  • Apply algorithmic techniques for the development of reliable, highly-available and secure distributed systems.

Entrepreneurial abilities

  • Develop understanding and critical evaluation of business ideas with a view to encouraging students to develop them as entrepreneurial ventures and bring them to commercial reality.

  • Identify and define a concept or idea with potential for application in a new context, carry out the in-depth research required to support or refute this idea.

  • Provide a pragmatic insight into the processes and systems required to conceptualise, research and solution a business idea into a credible business plan by applying appropriate knowledge and skills in order to gain the necessary resources to start a new enterprise.

  • Explore analytical processes and tools that will develop critical thinking skills in assessing entrepreneurship opportunities and devising appropriate strategies and tactics in developing an idea into a profitable business venture

Transferable skills

  • Work effectively both autonomously in independent project-oriented activity, and cooperatively as a member of a group or project-team and manage time and other resources.

  • Apply mathematical skills and understanding to tasks requiring modelling, system analysis and problem-solving.

  • Learn effectively for life-long personal and career development and to reflect on progress of learning

  • Communicate effectively and explain technical information, concepts, arguments, design information effectively, using a variety of media, and range of methods appropriate to a given type of audience or communication objective;

  • Conduct research effectively, drawing on a wide variety of sources (including libraries, the Internet and electronic catalogues) under minimal direction, and be proficient in the accurate use of referencing sources of information.