BIM: M2 BIM - 5I751 PHYG - Cours du 13/12

Posté le mercredi 5 décembre 2018

Le cours de l’UE 5I751 PHYG du 13 décembre aura lieu dans l’auditorium C707 (bât C - 7ème étage) de l’IBPS de 13h45 à 16h.

Le professeur Gianni Liti, de l’Institute for Research on Cancer and Ageing (IRCAN), Université Côte d’Azur, interviendra pour un cours sur la génomique comparative des levures. le cours d’introduction sera suivi d’une conference ouverte a d’autres chercheurs intéressés, ayant par titre :

"Interspecies genomic introgressions : origin, evolution and function"

Abstract : Genome interspecific introgressions drive evolution across the animal, plant and fungal kingdoms. We use the model system S. cerevisiae to investigate the birth, evolution and function of interspecies introgressions. Sequencing 1011 S. cerevisiae genomes revealed a ubiquitous gene flow with S. paradoxus. Intorgressions are rare in the highly diverged Asian lineages, consistent with secondary contacts with S. paradoxus occurring mainly after the out-of-China dispersal and promoted by human driven environments. Introgressions initiate from archaic interspecific admixtures, but near-universal hybrid sterility has made their evolution a mystery. We recently discovered a “living fossil” S. cerevisae / S. pardoxus hybrid that reveals a new role for genomic instability at the onset of introgressions. Finally, we use quantitative genetics to measure the fitness landscape of interspecies introgressions across multiple environments.

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