Master 2018 2019
M1 : Conférence Métier Renault du 7 mai 2019


Ci-dessous, un message de M. Javier IBANEZ-GUZMAN de RENAULT qui interviendra le mardi 7 mai à 13h45 en Conférence Métier :

From Unmanned Ground Vehicles to Robo-Taxis : Changes to road transportation


Passenger vehicles are undergoing a continuous transformation, these are becoming complex-networked mobile computers. Modern vehicles include numerous networked microprocessor-based Electronic Control Units (ECUs) ensuring multiple vehicle functionalities that include safety critical functions. The rapid introduction of sensor-based driving assistance systems, digital maps for navigation plus vehicle connectivity means a rapid increase in the use of software for safety related functions leading to platforms under full computer control and hence autonomous driving. The presentation will centre on different examples that represent the rapid evolution of software as the enabler and integrator for modern vehicles, with emphasis on the functional architecture and applications.