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Mme Valérie Chantin
2nd foor, 24-25, room 221
Boite courrier 166
4 place Jussieu
75252 PARIS CEDEX 05

tél. : +33 (0)1 44 27 53 94

courriel :

DIGIT International program (English-language)

The DIGIT International program aims to open our master degree to oustanding international students by offering an opening to the thematics of the SU Computer Science master degree: bioinformatics, computer network, computer vision, security-reliability, etc. It obviously allows to specialize in the programs proposed in the framework of the EIT-digital:

whose courses are offered in English. Each student of the DIGIT track (with the exception of students in the EIT-digital programs whose courses are defined) will have the opportunity to build their own curriculum by choosing a subset of teaching unit (UE) consistent among the proposed courses in English or those that are likely to be taught in English in the case of non-francophone students choose them. Extended projects (12-18 ECTS) in the first three semesters (from S1 to S3) may exceptionally provide students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in one or more topics among those whose number of courses proposed in English is limited or nonexistent . These courses will use a reverse learning process and learning by example. They will be part of a challenge for our training meeting two objectives: educational innovation and internationalization.