Master: conférences des Métiers M1 du 8 Mars 2016- GOOGLE

Posté le jeudi 3 mars 2016

Conférence des métiers du 8 mars 2016 _ GOOGLE

La conférence aura lieu Amphi 25

Title : Your Career at Google

Description : Two recent hires at Google, both previously students at the UPMC, present the company, give an overview of roles for technical students, and provide tips and advice on the hiring process for both internships and full-time positions.

Bio : Elodie Banel studied computer science at the UPMC, doing her final year internship at Microsoft Ireland and continuing on to work at Microsoft in France. She recently joined Google Paris working in Chrome for iOS. Nelly Vouzoukidou finished her PhD thesis on “Continuous Top-k Queries over Real-Time Web Streams” in the Database team in LiP6, UPMC. Following her defense she joined Google Paris in the Chrome team for Android.