Master 2015 2016
Stages de la spécialité SAR
Large Scale Deployment of a Replicated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Site : Equipe ISE
Lieu : IRT SystemX 8, Avenue de la Vauve - CS 90070 91127 Palaiseau CEDEX
Encadrant : Pierpaolo Cincilla
Dates :du 01/03/2016 au 01/09/2016
Rémunération :1000+
Mots-clés : Master SAR, autre qu’ATIAM

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Located within a global scientific campus, the Research Institute of Technology SystemX is dedicated to the future system digital engineering. Working closely with the best French research organizations (CEA, INRIA, Institut Telecom ...) and bringing together academic & industrial research teams. SystemX has the ambition to generate major technologies and solutions by using digital engineering breakthroughs and to spread skills in all economic sectors. You will take part to a research collaborative project called ITS Security (ISE). The ISE project is positioned to provide operational solutions to respond to new technological and economic challenges of automotive environment. The project partners are : OpenTrust, PSA Peugeot Citro├źn, Renault, Trialog, Oppida, Valeo and Telecom ParisTech.


The main objective of the ISE project is to implement the security management infrastructure of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS). The stakes are high because these ITS systems must be able to securely process thousands of messages exchanged per second and provide strong guarantees for the protection of personal data in accordance with national legislation and EU directives. The reliable and secure infrastructure (PKI) developed in the ISE project will therefore needs to respond to the issue of large-scale design in order to be able to distribute billions of digital identities to the ITS embedded stations. The internship focuses on two main topics : (i) a research axis on large scale replication strategies and (ii) a practical axis on the PKI deployment to the cloud (in particular Amazon EC2). The selected candidate will define PKI replication objectives and requirements, draw up a replication strategy and measure its impact on performances. The internship involves a research work on distributed systems, geographic replication and cooperative ITS. This research work will be submitted for publication in an international conference or workshop.

- Definition of scale-up objectives/requirements
- Definition of the replication strategy - PKI large scale replication including PKI cloud deployment, distributed PKI tests and deployment automation
- Measurements campaign
- Results analysis and benchmarking
- Results submission to an international conference or workshop

The ideal candidate should meet the following criteria : Master degree (ongoing), experience on software development and distributed systems, interested in research. The internship last for six months and is located at IRT-SYSTEMX headquarter in Paris-Saclay campus (France).

- Good knowledge on software engineering : Java, script languages (e.g., bash, Perl, Ruby, Python)
- The knowledge of Amazon EC2 / Amazon EC2 API is an advantage
- Teamwork and cooperation : progress report, results documentation
- A liking for team work
- English mandatory

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