Master 2014 2015
Stages de la spécialité SAR
Performance Benchmark and Coding Improvements Internship

Site :Vice-Directrice de l’Informatique (VP of Engineering)
Lieu :Dans la ville de Mountain View en Californie (Etats-Unis).
Encadrant : Mme. Wei-ling Chu
Dates :15/03/2015-15/09/2015
Mots-clés : Master SAR, autre qu’ATIAM


Goal of Project :

Benchmark and understand critical areas of Aerospike Server, for both performance improvement and customer recommendation.

Description of Problems, including but not limited to -

Benchmark the performance characteristics of SSD in Aerospike with different write-buffer size. Result will give customer recommendation on write-buffer setting. Benchmark the read/write performance of SSD at various data amplification ratio. Result will give default setting for our large-data-type size. Quantify performance of data migration. Investigate the factors which makes a difference. Result will be give metrics for customers and support. Reproduce and investigate causes of performance issues that may be reported from the field. Reproduce and investigate causes of performance issues that may be reported from the field.

Details on Assignment, Responsibility and Tools :

Setting up clusters of Aerospike software, with appropriate configuration and hardware for each of the sub-projects. You will either use existing tools to run load against the database, or create and enhance new tools. This can be in C, Java, or Go. You will discuss your findings with supervisor and senior engineers, revise/refine the tests, and possibly make code changes in the server, to test improvements.

You will be responsible creating tools which will simulate different type of application load. You need to design the correct input parameters necessary to simulate a spectrum of load, do the correct measurement, and handle adverse failure results.