Master 2013 2014
Stages de la spécialité SAR
DSL for Oracle RDBMS

Lieu :Montbonnot Saint-Martin, near Grenoble, France.
Encadrant : Laurent Daynès,
Dates :Du 01/04/2014 au 01/10/2014
Mots-clés : Parcours SAR autre qu’ATIAM, rech./prof., Parcours SAR autre qu’ATIAM, recherche


Oracle Labs ( is offering internships to work on projects that combine modern virtual machine technologies to the query execution engine of relational database management systems. The candidate will help in the design and implementation of an embedded virtual machine to compile and execute part of query execution plans in the Oracle RDBMS. The project includes defining a DSL for expressing those parts of query execution plans targeted for runtime-compilation and building a virtual machine to execute programs written in this DSL using the Truffle framework for building high- performance AST interpreters and the Graal dynamic compiler for just-in-time compilation (see here for details We are seeking candidates at Master M2 level, or already engaged in a Ph.D program. Candidates must have good knowledge of the architecture of a RDBMS, and some understanding of implementation aspect of query optimizations and the data access layers of a DBMS. Solid understanding of AST interpreters and basic compiler construction background is demanded. Good system programming skills in C and Java are required, as well as basic knowledge of SQL. The internship will take place in Oracle’s campus in Montbonnot Saint-Martin, near Grenoble, France. Interested candidates should send their resume to Laurent Daynès,