Master 2013 2014
Stages de la spécialité SAR
Binaural Listening : Perceptually significance of variability in HRTF measurements

Site :Audio & Acoustique
Lieu :LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay
Encadrant : &
Dates :period normal
Rémunération :suivant la grille standard du CNRS
Mots-clés : Parcours ATIAM : Acoustique, Parcours ATIAM : Traitement du signal, Parcours SAR autre qu’ATIAM, recherche


Head-Related Transfer Functions measurement is a lengthy and tiring task for the subjects being measured. Studies show that when comparing two measurements of a single subject, the two HRTFs may show significant differences, caused by differences in positions of the subject’s head or differences in position of the microphones. However, it is not known whether these differences are perceptually significant or not.

This aim of this internship will be to simulate these errors of measurement and to test their perceptual influence on localization (direction, distance), timbre or other spatial aspects. Perceptual evaluation could include AB or ABX tests as well as localization experiments of direct rating or perceptual parameters.

Highly motivated and dynamic candidates are encouraged to apply. No a priori knowledge of spatial audio is required, though interest in the subject and willingness to learn are beneficial.

Profile : Master’s level M2 in acoustics, psychoacoustics, spatial audio, or related fields. Autonomy and an inquisitive mind are important.

Required skills : MatLab programming and good English for the bibliographic review are mandatory. Knowledge of statistical analysis, 3D audio or MAX/MSP will be appreciated.