Master d’informatique 2009 2010
Offre de these (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam)

In the DASDIP project (Design and Analysis of Secure Distributed Protocols) there is a vacancy for a 2.5 year post-doc position at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam

DASDIP is a joint research project between the Theoretical Computer Science group in Amsterdam ( tcs) and the Digital Security group in Nijmegen (

The project involves research at the crossroads of security, formal methods, and distributed computations and procotols.

Taking the established theory of traditional distributed protocols (such as consensus, leader election, or atomic commit) as starting point, the project aims to study secure distributed protocols, taking into account the possibility of malicious behaviour and the realisation of security goals. More information on the project can be found at wanf/dasdip.pdf

To apply, send a CV, letter of motivation, and names of at least two references to Wan Fokkink ( Deadline for application is September 21, 2010.