Class RolapMemberBase.DefaultPropertyValueMapFactory

  extended by mondrian.rolap.RolapMemberBase.DefaultPropertyValueMapFactory
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Enclosing class:

public static final class RolapMemberBase.DefaultPropertyValueMapFactory
extends Object
implements RolapMemberBase.PropertyValueMapFactory

Default RolapMemberBase.PropertyValueMapFactory implementation, used if MondrianProperties.PropertyValueMapFactoryClass is not set.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Map<String,Object> create(Member member)
          Creates a Map to be used for storing property string/value pairs for the specified Member.
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Constructor Detail


public RolapMemberBase.DefaultPropertyValueMapFactory()
Method Detail


public Map<String,Object> create(Member member)
Creates a Map to be used for storing property string/value pairs for the specified Member.

This factory creates an Flat3Map if it appears that the provided member has less than 3 properties, and a HashMap if it appears that it has more than 3.

Guessing the number of properties can be tricky since some subclasses of Member

have additional properties that aren't explicitly declared. The most common offenders are the (@link mondrian.olap.Measure} implementations, which often have 4 or more undeclared properties, so if the member is a measure, the factory will create a HashMap.

Specified by:
create in interface RolapMemberBase.PropertyValueMapFactory
member - Member
the Map instance to store property/value pairs

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