Package mondrian.olap

Mondrian's core package, this defines connections and the catalog metamodel, and allows you to execute queries.


Interface Summary
Aggregator Describes an aggregation operator, such as "sum" or "count".
Annotated An element that has annotations.
Annotation User-defined property on a metadata element.
Axis A Axis is a component of a Result.
AxisOrdinal AxisOrdinal describes the allowable values for an axis code.
CacheControl API for controlling the contents of the cell cache and the member cache.
CacheControl.CellRegion a region of cells in the cell cache
CacheControl.MemberEditCommand An operation to be applied to the member cache.
CacheControl.MemberSet A specification of a set of members in the member cache.
Cell A Cell is an item in the grid of a Result.
CellFormatter This interface provides a user exit to format the cell value to be displayed.
Connection Connection to a multi-dimensional database.
Cube Cube.
Dimension A Dimension represents a dimension of a cube.
EnumeratedValues.Value A Value represents a member of an enumerated type.
Evaluator An Evaluator holds the context necessary to evaluate an expression.
Evaluator.NamedSetEvaluator Interface for evaluating a particular named set.
Exp An Exp is an MDX expression.
FunCall A FunCall is a function applied to a list of operands.
FunDef FunDef is the definition of an MDX function.
FunTable List of all MDX functions.
FunTable.Builder Builder that assists with the construction of a function table by providing callbacks to define functions.
Hierarchy A Hierarchy is a set of members, organized into levels.
Level A Level is a group of Members in a Hierarchy, all with the same attributes and at the same depth in the hierarchy.
Member A Member is a 'point' on a dimension of a cube.
MemberFormatter This interface provides an SPI to redefine the caption displayed for members.
MondrianProperties.PropertySource Represents a place that properties can be read from, and remembers the timestamp that we last read them.
MondrianServer.MondrianVersion Description of the version of the server.
NamedSet A named set of members or tuples.
Namer Namer contains the methods to retrieve localized attributes
NameResolver Interface for a class which can lookup dimensions, hierarchies, levels, members.
NativeEvaluator Allows expressions to be evaluated native, e.g.
OlapElement An OlapElement is a catalog object (dimension, hierarchy, level, member).
Parameter Parameter to a Query.
ParserSym CUP generated interface containing symbol constants.
Position A Position is an item on an Axis.
PropertyFormatter Callback to redefine a member property display string.
Result A Result is the result of running an MDX query.
Role A Role is a collection of access rights to cubes, permissions, and so forth.
Role.HierarchyAccess Represents the access that a role has to a particular hierarchy.
Schema A Schema is a collection of cubes, shared dimensions, and roles.
SchemaReader A SchemaReader queries schema objects (Schema, Cube, Dimension, Hierarchy, Level, Member).
Validator Provides context necessary to resolve identifiers to objects, function calls to specific functions.
Walkable An object which implements Walkable can be tree-walked by Walker.

Class Summary
Category Category enumerates the possible expression types.
CellProperty Represents Cell Property.
CellPropertyTest Test for Cell Property
ConnectionBase ConnectionBase implements some of the methods in Connection.
CubeAccess This class implements object of type GrantCube to apply permissions on user's MDX query
CubeBase CubeBase is an abstract implementation of Cube.
CUP$Parser$actions Cup generated class to encapsulate user supplied action code.
CustomizedParserTest Tests a customized MDX Parser.
DelegatingRole DelegatingRole implements Role by delegating all methods to an underlying Role.
DelegatingSchemaReader DelegatingSchemaReader implements SchemaReader by delegating all methods to an underlying SchemaReader.
DimensionBase Abstract implementation for a Dimension.
DrillThrough Drill through statement.
DriverManager The basic service for managing a set of OLAP drivers.
EnumeratedValues<V extends EnumeratedValues.Value> EnumeratedValues is a helper class for declaring a set of symbolic constants which have names, ordinals, and possibly descriptions.
EnumeratedValues.BasicValue BasicValue is an obvious implementation of EnumeratedValues.Value.
ExpBase Skeleton implementation of Exp interface.
ExpCacheDescriptor Holds information necessary to add an expression to the expression result cache (see Evaluator.getCachedResult(ExpCacheDescriptor)).
Formula A Formula is a clause in an MDX query which defines a Set or a Member.
HierarchyBase Skeleton implementation for Hierarchy.
Id Multi-part identifier.
Id.Segment Component in a compound identifier.
LevelBase Skeleton implementation of Level
Literal Represents a constant value, such as a string or number, in a parse tree.
MemberBase MemberBase is a partial implementation of Member.
MemberProperty Member property or solve order specification.
MondrianDef This is the XML model for Mondrian schemas.
MondrianDef.AggForeignKey The name of the column mapping from base fact table foreign key to aggregate table foreign key.
MondrianDef.AggTable A definition of an aggregate table for a base fact table.
MondrianDef.Annotation User-defined property value.
MondrianDef.Annotations Holder for an array of Annotation elements
MondrianDef.CalculatedMemberProperty Property of a calculated member defined against a cube.
MondrianDef.Closure Specifies the transitive closure of a parent-child hierarchy.
MondrianDef.ColumnDef Column definition for an inline table.
MondrianDef.ColumnDefs Holder for an array of ColumnDef elements
MondrianDef.Cube Definition of a cube.
MondrianDef.CubeDimension A CubeDimension is either a usage of a Dimension ('shared dimension', in MSOLAP parlance), or a 'private dimension'.
MondrianDef.CubeGrant Grants (or denies) this role access to a cube.
MondrianDef.CubeUsages List of base cubes used by the virtual cube.
MondrianDef.Dimension A Dimension is a collection of hierarchies.
MondrianDef.DimensionGrant Grants (or denies) this role access to a dimension.
MondrianDef.DimensionUsage A DimensionUsage is usage of a shared Dimension within the context of a cube.
MondrianDef.ExpressionView A collection of SQL expressions, one per dialect.
MondrianDef.Hierarchy Defines a hierarchy.
MondrianDef.HierarchyGrant Grants (or denies) this role access to a hierarchy.
MondrianDef.Hint Dialect-specific table optimization hints.
MondrianDef.MemberGrant Grants (or denies) this role access to a member.
MondrianDef.MemberReaderParameter Not used
MondrianDef.NamedSet Defines a named set which can be used in queries in the same way as a set defined using a WITH SET clause.
MondrianDef.Parameter A Parameter defines a schema parameter.
MondrianDef.Property Member property.
MondrianDef.Relation A table, inline table or view
MondrianDef.RelationOrJoin A table or a join
MondrianDef.Role A role defines an access-control profile.
MondrianDef.RoleUsage Usage of a Role in a union Role.
MondrianDef.Row Row definition for an inline table.
MondrianDef.Rows Holder for an array of Row elements
MondrianDef.Schema A schema is a collection of cubes and virtual cubes.
MondrianDef.SchemaGrant Grants (or denies) this role access to this schema.
MondrianDef.Union Body of a Role definition which defines a Role to be the union of several Roles.
MondrianDef.UserDefinedFunction A UserDefinedFunction is a function which extends the MDX language.
MondrianDef.Value Column value for an inline table.
MondrianDef.View A collection of SQL statements, one per dialect.
MondrianDef.VirtualCube A VirtualCube is a set of dimensions and measures gleaned from other cubes.
MondrianDef.VirtualCubeDimension A VirtualCubeDimension is a usage of a Dimension in a VirtualCube.
MondrianDef.VirtualCubeMeasure A VirtualCubeMeasure is a usage of a Measure in a VirtualCube.
MondrianProperties MondrianProperties contains the properties which determine the behavior of a mondrian instance.
MondrianProperties.FilePropertySource Implementation of MondrianProperties.PropertySource which reads from a File.
MondrianProperties.UrlPropertySource Implementation of MondrianProperties.PropertySource which reads from a URL.
MondrianServer Interface by which to control an instance of Mondrian.
MondrianServerImpl Implementation of MondrianServer.
NullMemberRepresentationTest NullMemberRepresentationTest tests the null member custom representation feature supported via MondrianProperties.NullMemberRepresentation property.
OlapElementBase OlapElementBase is an abstract base class for implementations of OlapElement.
ParameterImpl Implementation of Parameter.
Parser CUP v0.10k generated parser.
ParserTest Tests the MDX parser.
Property Property is the definition of a member property.
Query Query is an MDX query.
QueryAxis An axis in an MDX query.
QueryPart Component of an MDX query (derived classes include Query, Axis, Exp, Level).
ResultBase Skeleton implementation of Result.
RoleImpl RoleImpl is Mondrian's default implementation for the Role interface.
RoleImpl.CachingHierarchyAccess Implementation of Role.HierarchyAccess that caches the access of each member and level.
RoleImpl.DelegatingHierarchyAccess Implementation of Role.HierarchyAccess that delegates all methods to an underlying hierarchy access.
Scanner Lexical analyzer for MDX.
SetBase Skeleton implementation of NamedSet interface.
StringScanner Lexical analyzer whose input is a string.
UnionRoleImpl Implementation of Role which combines the privileges of several roles and has the superset of their privileges.
Util Utility functions used throughout mondrian.
Util.Flat2List<T> List that stores its two elements in the two members of the class.
Util.Flat3List<T> List that stores its three elements in the three members of the class.
Util.PropertyList PropertyList is an order-preserving list of key-value pairs.
UtilTestCase Tests for methods in Util.
ValidatorImpl Default implementation of Validator.
Walker Walks over a tree, returning nodes in prefix order.

Enum Summary
Access Access enumerates the allowable access rights.
DimensionType Enumerates the types of dimensions.
LevelType Deprecated. Will be replaced with Level.Type before mondrian-4.0.
MatchType MatchType enumerates the allowable match modes when searching for a member based on its unique name.
MondrianProperties.SolveOrderModeEnum Strategies for applying solve order, exposed via the property MondrianProperties.SolveOrderMode.
Parameter.Scope Scope where a parameter is defined.
QueryAxis.SubtotalVisibility SubtotalVisibility enumerates the allowed values of whether subtotals are visible.
Role.RollupPolicy Enumeration of the policies by which a cell is calculated if children of a member are not accessible.
Syntax Enumerated values describing the syntax of an expression.

Exception Summary
InvalidArgumentException Exception which indicates that an argument is invalid
InvalidHierarchyException Exception which indicates that a Cube is invalid because there is a hierarchy with no members.
MemoryLimitExceededException Exception which indicates some resource limit was exceeded.
MondrianException Instances of this class are thrown for all exceptions that Mondrian generates through as a result of known error conditions.
NativeEvaluationUnsupportedException Exception which indicates that native evaluation of a function was enabled but not supported, and MondrianProperties.AlertNativeEvaluationUnsupported was set to ERROR.
QueryCanceledException Exception which indicates that a query was canceled by an end-user.
QueryTimeoutException Exception which indicates that a query executed for longer than its allowed time and was automatically canceled.
ResourceLimitExceededException Exception which indicates some resource limit was exceeded.
ResultLimitExceededException Abstract base class for exceptions that indicate some limit was exceeded.
ResultStyleException Exception that indicates a compiler could not implement an expression in any of the result styles requested by the client.

Package mondrian.olap Description

Mondrian's core package, this defines connections and the catalog metamodel, and allows you to execute queries.

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