STL: TA - conférence du 11 janvier 2008 -

Posté le jeudi 10 janvier 2008

Conférencier(s) : Van Roy Peter

Date de la conférence 11-01-2008

Sujet The principal programming paradigms

Description de la conférence  :

In this talk I give an overview of all the major programming paradigms (more than 20), in a uniform framework that shows how they are related. A programming paradigm is a style of programming that is defined by a specific set of programming concepts as embodied by its kernel language, the small core language in which all the paradigm’s abstractions can be defined. We order kernel languages according to the "creative extension principle", where a new concept is added only when it cannot be encoded using local transformations. This work is part of a long-term research collaboration on programming that started in the early 1990s in the European project ACCLAIM. The framework of this talk is used to organize paradigms in the textbook "Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming" (MIT Press 2004). A French translation of a subset of this book was published in 2007 by Dunod and is used as the basis of the main second-year programming course taken by all engineering students at UCL.

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