Master d’informatique 2006 2007 de l’université Paris VI
Offre d’emploi : Developing a Smart Space at INRIA Bordeaux

Nowadays, a lot of buildings contain an amazing number of devices that have various technological functionalities. Some of them can be seen as rendering devices, like TV monitors and speakers ; others are data-collecting devices like webcams and sensors ; a third category is activation-based devices like lights and doors. Of course, some devices may combine more than one capability. Developing a smart building critically relies on the ability to combine the capabilities of the available devices. However, because of the heterogeneity of the devices, their combination is often achieved by using ad hoc design and implementation approaches. As a consequence, the resulting platforms are usually closed and limited, preventing usage scenarios to evolve and impeding creativity.

The goal of this project is to create a smart space at the INRIA facility in Bordeaux, where a number of devices will be deployed and operated via a SIP backbone. Devices will be wrapped to turn them into SIP entities. Various scenarios will illustrate software approaches and tools developed by the Phoenix research group.

We are seeking an R&D engineer to deploy our smart space and to develop SIP wrappers to existing devices (Ubisense tags, Webcams, various sensors and actuators) and mechanisms to manage SIP entities. In addition, (s)he will develop applications illustrating various scenarios. This work will be done using the group’s ubiquitous software framework as well as our scripting language.

Skills and expertise required :
- Object-oriented programming (Java)
- Network protocols
- Telephony over IP